Money vs Currency: What’s in your wallet?

The story behind the paper bills in your pocket and the future of money.


Sustainability & Energy in Chicago

Last month's Sustainability & Energy Intensive in Chicago brought together 33 people from across the country to discuss the role of smart cities and to develop sustainable and profitable solutions for Chicago and beyond.

Can Humans & Nature Mutually Thrive?

How can we transition people from identity-less, forlorn and polluted consumption zones to walkable, integrated and happy communities that preserve the natural world and inspire the innovative human spirit? This article introduces the sheer necessity of sustainable design in a world that is quickly crumbling under the weight of ecological, economic and human exploitation and corruption. We discuss the magnitude of human-induced devastation on Earth and seek to help gradually reverse our species’ abiotic habits.

Super Soil: Learning from Nature to Restore the Earth

Watch my encounter with a wise man in South India who has discovered a simple, yet powerful technique for restoring the soil on Earth. Quicker than composting, this method learns from nature's simple wisdom and provides us with the knowledge and tools necessary to heal the badly damaged landscape of our planet.