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Victor is a sustainability designer & cross-cultural expert dedicated to implementing sustainable systems and facilitating understanding between stakeholders. With a Master’s degree in Global Sustainability and a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations & Chinese, Victor has worked with a variety of organizations in China, Colombia, India, Thailand, and the US as part of his life mission to rebuild society in a way that enhances the health of people, the economy and the planet. He has facilitated multiple projects including a sustainable surface & groundwater management plan, sustainable community design and bamboo plantation design – all of which depended on successful stakeholder consultations in order to come to fruition.

Victor is a Colombian-American, fluent in English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Besides his specific work in the sustainability sector, he has worked as a TV show host for the Chinese Travel Channel, a foreign language teacher, a stand-up comedian and a Red-Cross fundraiser. Victor’s diverse experiences in multiple countries coupled with a distinctive frame of reference, gives him a unique perspective and emphatic human understanding, which he uses to approach the interdisciplinary nature of the most pressing sustainability issues of the 21st Century.

He is author of the Urban Villager, a sustainability and self-empowerment blog that is an ongoing effort to raise awareness about detrimental lifestyles and is committed to investing in projects related to sustainable design and systems optimization.

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